Gas Monopoly and Competition

Questions are often asked about the how legitimate SMES retailing in LPG gas are compared to larger companies who have been in the industry for decades. Here’s an overarching background on the LPG Market and the competition dynamics underpinning it.

Formal Mar ...more

LPG Gas Defined

LPG is the abbreviation used to describe liquefied petroleum gas, a group of hydrocarbon gases typically containing three or four carbon atoms per molecule and often referred to as C3 or C4 . The normal constituents of LPG are propane (chemical formula C3 H8 ), propylene (C3 H6 ), butane (C4 H10) ...more

Gas Safety Tip - # 2

Gas Safety Tip - # 2

After Use

  • Turn "off" the regulator knob and then the stove knob before going to bed.
  • Always keep the regulator knob in the "off" position when the cylinder is not in use.
Gas Safety Tip - # 1

Gas Safety Tip - # 1

LPG Appliances

  • Always use SANBS approved appliances from reputable sources.
  • Obtain SANBS approved LPG regulators from Suraksha rubber tubes from authorised LPG distributors only.
Electricity vs Gas

Electricity vs Gas

Worldwide gas is almost always less expensive than electricity - in South Africa until about 2014 this wasn’t the case. The dramatic rise in the prices of electricity have made gas the goto energy source as households face the financial squeeze created by South Africa’s rather unique socio-po ...more

What does LPG stand for?

LPG is an anagram for Liquified Petroleum Gases and used to describe the group of gases which include:

  • Propane
  • butane
  • propylene
  • butadiene
  • butylene
  • isobutylene

Combinations of any of the above as mixtures wi ...more